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Eugene de Mazenod, co-operator of Christ the Saviour, communicates his spirit (Francis Santucci, omi)


Rome 29 mai 2004 - Ce samedi, le p. Francis Santucci, Postulateur général des omi, a soutenu sa thèse de doctorat sur le Fondateur, saint Eugène de Mazenod, à l'Institut de vie consacrée CLARETIANUM de 10.30 à 12.00. Beaucoup d'Oblats ont assisté à ce grand événement de sa vie.

Voici en anglais les six éléments de la conclusion de ses recherches et le contenu des chapitres.

Francis Santucci au centre

This study has led to me to summarise the spirit of Eugene's response in six points.

  1. He lived and communicated his dynamic relationship with the Saviour, as His co-operator.
  2. As Founder he invited and moulded other like-minded men to live the same relationship with the Saviour and to be transformed into His co-operators.
  3. As Founder and as Father he created a family that he desired to be united in the closest bonds.
  4. A spirit of being close to the poor and most abandoned.
  5. A spirit of zeal, daring, and prophetic creativity for mission.
  6. A spirit lived according to the model of Mary Immaculate, the apostles and the communion of saints.
  • Chapter one: The origin and development of Eugene de Mazenod's vocation
  • Chapter two: The spirit of Eugene de Mazenod shared with others and incarnated in the Rule for his missionaries
  • Chapter three: The spirit of Eugene de Mazenod put into practice through the Rule and the preaching of missions (1818-1841)
  • Chapter four: The spirit of Eugene de Mazenod put into practice in the "permanent missions" and in the formation of Oblates (1818-1841)
  • Chapter five: The foreign missions shaped by the spirit of Eugene (1841-1850)
  • Chapter six: Mapping the future: Eugene's final preparations for his spirit to continue in the Congregation after his death
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