Preamble - 1. The Africa-Madagascar Region - 2. The Conference of the Region - 3. Purposes of the Conference - 4. Meetings of the Conference - 5. Officers of the Conference - 6. Advisory Committees - 7. Finances of the Conference - 8. The Statutes - Conclusion


46. Statutes alone are not sufficient to make a Conference work, or to enable a Region to carry out its mission. However, they provide direction and guidance to those who have accepted responsibility for the activities and mission of the Conference.

47. We ask Blessed Joseph Gérard, who showed such spiritual and apostolic leadership in our territory, to intercede for all Oblates of the Region who follow in the footsteps of their divine Master Jesus Christ (CC & RR, Preface), and of Mary Immaculate, their patroness who received Christ in order to share him with all the world, whose hope he is (C. 10).

Statutes adopted by the Conference of the Africa-Madagascar Region, meeting at Dakar, Senegal on this 9th day of January 2004, and approved by the Superior General in Council January 24, 2004.



President of the Conference of the Region


Superior General