Preamble - 1. The Africa-Madagascar Region - 2. The Conference of the Region - 3. Purposes of the Conference - 4. Meetings of the Conference - 5. Officers of the Conference - 6. Advisory Committees - 7. Finances of the Conference - 8. The Statutes - Conclusion

VI. Advisory Committees

35. The Conference shall establish advisory committees as it deems appropriate to assist in its work in the Region.

36. The terms of reference of such committees are defined and reviewed regularly by the Executive Committee of the Conference. These shall be appended as Annexes to the present Statutes.

37. The chairperson of each committees is to be a member of the Conference, and will act as liaison person with the Executive Committee. He may, however, coopt other Oblates who are not members of the Conference to assist in specific tasks. He is expected to attend committee meetings, present the concerns of the Conference to the committee members, and communicate the recommendations of the committee to the Executive. The committees are accountable to the Conference through their chairperson.

38. The Executive Committee may invite an expert, or a group of experts, to participate in specific meetings of a committee, in order to advise the members who are making recommendations to the Conference. These consultants do not have a right to vote in committee meetings.

7. Finances of the Conference