Preamble - 1. The Africa-Madagascar Region - 2. The Conference of the Region - 3. Purposes of the Conference - 4. Meetings of the Conference - 5. Officers of the Conference - 6. Advisory Committees - 7. Finances of the Conference - 8. The Statutes - Conclusion

IV. Meetings of the Conference

18. The Conference will hold biannual meetings which will alternately be held in the Anglophone subregion and in the Francophone subregion.

19. If the President and Deputy President are both absent from a Conference meeting, the members shall, by relative majority, elect one of the members as acting President for the duration of the absence of the President or Deputy President.

20. Resolutions will be determined by an absolute majority of valid votes cast. In the case of a tie, the person presiding at the meeting shall have a casting vote.

21. The President, in the name of the Conference, may invite other Oblates, an expert, or a group of experts, to participate in particular conference meetings when he deems it necessary or beneficial to the working of the Conference. Such invited guests have neither active nor passive vote.

5. Officers of the Conference