Preamble - 1. The Africa-Madagascar Region - 2. The Conference of the Region - 3. Purposes of the Conference - 4. Meetings of the Conference - 5. Officers of the Conference - 6. Advisory Committees - 7. Finances of the Conference - 8. The Statutes - Conclusion

III. Purposes of the Conference

16. Called to leadership in the Congregation in this part of God’s kingdom, we seek to establish a vibrant missionary presence wherever we are sent, and to be a living sign of the Lord’s loving presence in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

17. In keeping with the provisions of the Oblate Constitutions and Rules, and striving to implement the directives of the Oblate General Leadership Team, the Conference of the Region has the following purposes.

  • To facilitate mutual reflection, consultation and planning with respect to the common Oblate mission in the Region;

  • To coordinate the missionary endeavours of the Oblates in the Region;

  • To collaborate in the initial formation of Oblates in the Region;

  • To coordinate on-going formation activities and sponsor joint programmes;

  • To share resources where possible for the advancement of the mission in the Region;

  • To establish structures to facilitate greater cooperation;

  • To maintain, through regular meetings, collaborative ties with all units of the Region;

  • To maintain, through appropriate means, collaborative ties with other religious institutes in the territory, as well as with organizations of Bishops;

  • Through the offices of the General Councillor for Africa-Madagascar, to establish meaningful communication with the Superior General and the General Leadership Team.

4. Meetings of the Conference