Preamble - 1. The Africa-Madagascar Region - 2. The Conference of the Region - 3. Purposes of the Conference - 4. Meetings of the Conference - 5. Officers of the Conference - 6. Advisory Committees - 7. Finances of the Conference - 8. The Statutes - Conclusion

II. The Conference of the Region

10. The Region operates primarily through the Conference of the Region which is composed the Provincial, Delegation and Mission Superiors of the territory and is the principal animation body for the life and activity of the Region (C. 121).

11. Since the Region is not a governmental structure with juridical personality, the role of the Conference is to enable the Oblate units in the territory to profit from their collective experience and develop common approaches to Oblate life and mission (C. 119).

12. A member of the Conference who has completed his term of office as superior, ceases to be a member of the Conference.

13. The General Councillor for the Region serves as liaison with the Central Government. He is invited to the meetings of the Conference, but does not have voting rights within the Conference (C. 123).

14. If a member of the Conference is unable to attend a meeting of the Conference, he may delegate another Oblate from the unit to represent him at this meeting. A replacement delegate is to be considered for the time being as a full member of the Conference with the right to vote at that particular meeting.

15. The activities of the Conference may be held in English or in French, and formal documents are prepared in both official languages of the Conference.

3. Purposes of the Conference