The Africa-Madagascar Region


Message du 21 décembre 2002 - AMRégion

Rome, December 21, 2002

Dear Brothers,
Dear Fathers,

At the dawn of this New Year, I come respectfully to greet you and present you my best wishes. May the peace and the joy of Christmas be with you during the whole New Year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2003!

As you certainly know, named general Councillor for the Africa-Madagascar Region on September 17, 2002 while I was at Kinshasa, I arrived in Rome October 23 with a turist visa. I could not get the long stay visa from the Italian embassy in Congo. Let me extend to each one of you my vote of thanks for your trust and confidence in me.

Since my arrival in Rome, the steps have been undertaken to obtain the Italian Residence permit. I hope to have it by the end of next January. This document will allow me to be able to organize my trips in Africa and in the Oblate world, with God's grace. I will have the pleasure to meet you at home and share the pains and the joys of your Provinces, Delegations or Missions.

Meanwhile people are helping, training me to the new administrative work. I=m learning progressively to know the rythm, the secrets and the habits, to read and to manage some files. There is a lot in several languages. The English being the language of the present General Admistration, I have to improve my English by practicing it. Because my present knowledge is not sufficient. I would like to improve and practice it in an English_speaking country in Africa. I would benefit from this to know the missionary life of the Oblates.

Maybe we already met ourselves on some occasions but I will be very pleased to meet you again. I=m very interested by reading your provincial council minutes and the news very attentively. You could consult my Diary easily while visiting my site web ( URL: ). I put of it some important dates. Thank you for your prayers and your suggestions.

God bless and guide you always. Assuring you of my prayer, I remain yours in Jesus and Marie Immaculate.

Yours fraternally,

Jean Bosco Musumbi, OMI