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The Uniqueness of Jesus of Nazareth and the Future of the Human Race

(by Fr Emmanuel Mosoeu OMI = Systematic Theology/Dogmatologie)

Emmanuel Mosoeu

The following extract was read when the degree was conferred:


The particularly topical problem of the Uniqueness of Jesus Christ, within the frame of contemporary religious plurality, is being addressed in this dissertation from an alternative perspective. Departing from the “relative equality” of the three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), the original revolutional message of Jesus, behind traditional religiosity, is being traced in all its mysterious radical Calling concerning what it means to be free, to be human, but above all what it really means for all humanity to embrace an all-around meaningful God in Christ Jesus. Taking the universal command of genuine love of one’s neighbour as the grounding for authentic concrete Christian living, all existing churches and religions are critiqued and Jesus’ vision of Life, to date, is presented as Unique and Unsurpassable in the history of Human Becoming.

The defense took place on the 19 April 2005 and the conferring of the degree on the 20 April 2005. (News from Fr Mosoeu)