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Passing away of Fr Sepp Josef Anthofer, omi

Br Rex Harrison (left), Fr  Sepp Anthofer   and Br Gunter Arndt
Br Rex ...... Fr Sepp Anthofer ......Br Gunter
News from Fr Emmanuel Mosoeu, Provincial of CPSA

14 March 2009, 18hrs48 - Halo Ntate! It is with much regret that I announce the passing away of Fr Sepp Josef Anthofer omi (9841) this afternoon at 5.30pm in the Pretoria clinic. After the operation doctors had hope temporarily but then later expressed less hope of meaningful recovery. More details of his funeral will come later. May he rest in peace!

Fr Anthofer

12 March 2009 - Dear Oblates, Good day! Few days ago on 17th February at Rabbuni Centre we celebrated in good spirit our life and call as Oblates. Many celebrated their golden life as Oblates of the Lord. Among them was Fr Sepp Anthofer omi: a priest, an Oblate; a Christian spiritual guru with a difference; a reconciler of humanity; a man of few words but of profound wisdom, and a friend to us all. Today that great Oblate is in hospital with serious spinal cord injuries. His future is now in the hands of the Lord of life.
Yesterday, 11 March, in the early hours of the morning, Fr Anthofer started with normal hours of his day but he fell and damaged his spinal cord that have left him paralysed shoulder downwards and the speech is temporarily gone. He is still conscious and his brain is intact. A man who was active the day before became motionless the next morning. Doctors are doing their best to bring back to him what is possible to live. Let us pray for him!
I thank very much Fr Michael Morrissey who did so much to be with him till he was admitted in a private clinic; it was a heavy day from early morning till late evening. Ntate thank you very much! We also thank Fr Anthofer’s friends who supported him, especially the Sisters who were on retreat. I also thank Fr Bernard Albers who has agreed to look after the day to day running of the Sediba Centre till a permanent solution is reached.
In our shock and grief, we live in hope. In our immense hope; in our hope against hope, we still cling tenaciously to our faith in the risen Lord. May God be the centre of our attention as we pray for Fr Sepp’s best recovery. God bless you all and may this time of Lent bring many graces to us and to Fr Anthofer.
Fr Mosoeu